Rust Preventive Aluminum Putty

Rust Preventive Aluminum Putty

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Leveraging on our state-of-the-art infrastructural unit, we have been a reputed manufacturer of Rust Preventive Aluminum Putty for our widely spread clients. It is a corrosion protection material formulated using tested quality components and state-of-the-art machinery at our unit in sync with the globally set norms and standards. Rust Preventive Aluminum Putty undergoes various tests so as to ensure that it is highly effective, reliable, safe, efficient and long-lasting. We offer this putty to our clients at highly economical prices.

Rust Preventive Aluminium Putty has so strong adhesive power that it can not only firmly adhere to galvalume and hot dipped zinc galvanized steel, but it also can repair the area, where heavy load is placed and holes caused by rust, where heavy load is placed and holes caused by rust, where no welding can be applied. It has a super water resistance and brings forth a strong rust preventive power. It can be applied to a wide range of metals as well as wood concrete, plastic, FRP, etc. It is not only flexible, but it is also resilient against shock, because it includes fiber in itself

Application : Repair of automobile, architecture & industrial use For repairing rust, step, pitted uneven surface, crack & hole

Applicable : Aluminium, stainless Steel, Surface Rust, Surface Banking Finish, Zin-coated Steel, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Concrete, Mortared Hardboard, FRP etc.

Non Application : Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyethylene (PE), Fluorine Treatment, Greasing Surface etc.

Features :

  • Offers high rust preventive. Can be applied to the rusted area. Protect from re-rusting in the area where rust was finely remove.
  • Able to fill a hole out as it can form a thick film
  • Can be applied to any surface such a metal, coated film, woods, concrete, plastic, FRP etc regardless of material.
  • Strong adhesiveness power help it firmly adhere to galvalume and hot dipped zinc galvanized steel.
  • Super water resistance.
  • The putty is flexible and resilient against shock.

Specification :

Product Name






Aluminum Putty Rust Preventive (J)

2-component putty based on polyester resin

4 Kg / 500g
Common hardener (80Kg / 60g / 30g
500 type set with 30g hardener


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